Why choose Shilo’s?


Don’t know how to make traditional communication work for you anymore?

Event communication is a type of marketing that relies on the creation of an event intended to capture a chosen (target) public or audience, internal or external.


Why trust Shilo’s with your event?


Your event is a message that you want to convey to your target public or audience.

Your event is the perfect way to develop close relationships, foster commitment and share emotions.

Your event is an essential strategic tool for your business, your institution, your product or service.

Shilo’s Events combines all of its consultancy expertise, creativity, organizational skills and network of seasoned partners with high-end services to guarantee pleasure and total satisfaction on the part of your target group or audience.


Attention to customer needs 100%
Organization 100%
Passion 100%
Creativity 85%


• Advice on the date, venue and guest list.
• Assistance with administrative procedures and preparation of the ceremony/event.
• Event-specific recommendations.
• Regular progress reports on the preparations.
• Support and coordination on the big day.


• Staging: definition of the theme and atmosphere.
• Research into and/or creation of event invitations, menus, seating plan and thank you cards.
• Documentary research and recommendations on every detail of your event.
• Short-listing of service providers, negotiation, coordination and logistical follow-up.


• Organization of your appointments (preparation, agenda and report).
• Drawing up and monitoring of the budget, reverse planning, timeline and other event tools, etc.
• Presence on the big day to oversee the different partners, participants or speakers, handle unforeseen events, and assist your guests.
• Staging of your universe through the decoration and accessories, the speeches, music, etc.


“Nice evening, very beautiful parade. Thank you for this show and good encouragement to Shilo’s”

“Congratulations, a very beautiful event”

“I wish you great success.

Be Shilo’s Events

Be Leslie. Congratulations…God Bless and push up”

“An honour, a joy, a humility! An event that lived up to my expectations! Leslie’s events are all about sharing and community! Thanks for letting the Glam Voluptée collection be in the show! I hope to see you again very soon…”

“Thank you for this beautiful night”

“It was great to be with you! Thank you so much!”

“Congratulations Leslie for this wonderful event! I can’t wait for the next one: I’ll be there!”

“Congratulations to the team and the guests for everything they did during the event to give us two days of joy and happiness where we came together as a community. And as Timon and Pumbaa said, be happy and say: Hakuna Matata. “Born to be happy” is Leslie’s motto that she lives by every day. Everything she touches turns to gold and becomes positive. This kind of event brings a community together. Community is essential and it is essential to be part of a community.”